The all-new A series

Schifflange, 27/11/23

The A series address the need of high-performance-no-design-compromise amplification at the best possible cost. Power per channel will range from 150 to 800 W. Applications are single to multichannel combinations, for home audio, home cinema and professional studios.

In their category, the highlights of the A series are a bullet proof thermal design with our top-down design concept, an electrically safe output connection system with Speakon or WBT 708 connectors, and the audiosense feature allowing the automatic power on and standby.

The two first iterations are the boXem A 5519/N1, a 700 W monobloc from 820 € and the boXem A 5517/N2, a 2x600 W amplifier from 1010 €. Both are based on Hypex NCx500 modules.

In early 2024, a larger case will enter production, allowing two, three, four and five channels variants.

Until the end of the year, we have a 100 € rebate for the launch.

More information and ordering here and here.

Arthur 4222/E1 is here

Schifflange, 08/08/22

Following the success of the Purifi 1ET400A based Arthur 4215/E2, many of you have been asking if and when we would work on a Purifi 1ET7040SA based amp. It is now available, it's little name is Arthur 4222/E1 and it is a monoblock.

Instead of blindly throwing the same buffer schematic as the Arthur 4215/E2, the buffer has been completely redesigned with ultra low noise opamps, active common mode rejection and a fully differential amplifier. The result is a ultra high performance amplifier able to reach 700 W in 2 Ω. It doesn't fear any speaker load and ensures an extremely clean reproduction of your preferred music even at very high listening levels.

In addition to the goodies offered on the Arthur 4215/E2, like in example the audio sense, XLR input, gain setting or the micro-controller based control, Arthur 4222/E1 offers a 12 V trigger (IN ans OUT) and an RCA input.

More information and ordering here.

Best wishes for 2021

Schifflange, 03/01/21

We wish all the success, health and happiness to you and your beloved ones!

We will take this opportunity to look back at 2020 and give you a glance of what is coming in 2021.

Goodbye 2020

2020 will probably appear somewhere in our future history books as a very special year. For us it is also the year when we took off. The context made the birth frankly painful but the child are beautiful. We have received a very positive feedback from both customers and professionals on our two first products. We know this will certainly not be part of the History, but we are quite proud of this first achievement.

Two other newcomers

During the last week of 2020 we launched our two first mono amplifiers based on Hypex nCore technology.

Arthur 3109/N1 is our entry model in the mono-blocks world. Entry model yes, but not entry level. With 250 W in 4 Ω, it is able to comfortably drive most of the speakers on the market. Added to the inherent advantages of the mono-blocks (perfect channel separation, shortened speaker cables) come the audio sense allowing free placement and simple cabling.

Arthur 4614/N is our core offering for mono-blocks. It keeps all the advantages of Arthur 3109/N1 while adding a pretty nice amount of power: 500 W in 4 Ω but also 400 W in 2 Ω. Difficult to drive speakers? Not that much! As with all Arthur, beautiful finish, superb construction and attention to detail are part of the game.

'Hancrafted' in Luxembourg

Yup, positive, there is a typo, a 'd' is missing... On all our rear plates...
Difficult to swallow when you want the attention to detail as part of the brand. We were determined to take immediate action to get this corrected, but well, some customers now request this to be kept as a mark of authenticity. Decisions, decisions.

And what about 2021?

Well, it's just starting. All our efforts are now focused on getting Arthur 4215/E2 ready to be shipped end of January. Our first Purifi Eigentakt amplifier. Custom input buffer, a large power supply, all Arthur classical amenities, plus a an additional feature that we will soon let you discover.
Then will come the integrated and the pre-amplifier (or in the other order). And a few surprises...

Say "Hello!" to Arthur series

Schifflange, 12/10/20

Today we are proud to announce Arthur, our line of power amplifiers.

All Arthur power amplifiers will share common aesthetics and functionalities like in example the auto on/off or the clipping indicator.
Another common point between all amplifiers of the Arthur line is their amplification technology. We have chosen self oscillating class D with post filter feedback technology, ensuring high power and low distortion on the entire audio bandwidth, a very low output impedance, all this independently from the speaker characteristics and with the renown efficiency from class D amplifiers.

The chassis was designed in house with the target to be modular and very compact. Entirely in aluminum, its dimensions of 224 x 80 x 318 mm ensure nice proportions while the width allows two amplifiers to fit in a standard rack. Thermal design was validated with a 1200 W unit, showing an impressive power density capability. Front plate has a choice of several colors while the top and sides cover is a single piece finished with a special paint, with a mate, suede-like texture providing a very qualitative look and feel.

The two first members of the line are the two channels power amplifiers Arthur 2408/N2 and Arthur 3409/N2.
Developing respectively up to 125 W and 250 W in 4 Ω and based on Hypex nCore technology, their THD+N at 1 W stays below 0.003 % on the entire frequency band. An output noise below 30 uV ensures perfect silences even with sensitive speakers.
Arthur 2408/N2 and Arthur 3409/N2 will ship from October 26th 2020.

Later this year a stereo amplifier based on Purifi Eigentakt technology will be added to the line. An integrated amplifier and a preamplifier will appear during 2021.