Respect for the artists

Musicians work countless hours getting the perfect sound for their tracks.

At boXem | audio, our mission is to bring this sound to your ears. Nothing is added, nothing is removed. This is achieved thanks to a careful selection of technologies, rigorous processes during development and manufacturing, and tireless attention to detail.

Music is a pleasure...

...which cannot be ruined by complex usage and dubious aesthetics.

All of our products are designed with ease of use in mind, like in example auto on/off for our amplifiers. Styling and colors are chosen to nicely merge with contemporary interiors.

Designed and proudly built in Luxembourg

Our products are designed and assembled at Schifflange, in the south west of Luxembourg, at the heart of Europe.

We try as much as we can to work with local businesses. Our circuit boards are also built in Luxembourg, our cases come from Metz, 60 km away from our facility. When local suppliers are not available, we pay a lot of attention to select European companies.