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Arthur 3409/N2
  • Arthur 3409/N2
  • Arthur 3409/N2
  • Arthur 3409/N2
  • Arthur 3409/N2
  • Arthur 3409/N2
  • Arthur 3409/N2
  • Arthur 3409/N2
  • Arthur 3409/N2
  • Arthur 3409/N2
  • Arthur 3409/N2
  • Arthur 3409/N2
  • Arthur 3409/N2
  • Arthur 3409/N2

Arthur 3409/N2


2 channels power amplifier
Audio sense: automatic on/off switching
Hypex nCore technology
Up to 250 W in 4 Ω


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High fidelity, power and efficiency

Arthur 3409/N2 main technical characteristics are:
- Very low distortion at any audible frequency, allowing a perfect reproduction of the music as recorded
- Very low noise, silences are... silent
- Flat and load independent frequency response, whatever the speakers the amplifier will reproduce bass, medium and highs the same way, with the same fidelity to the artistic work
- Low output impedance (aka high damping factor), firmly driving the lowest bass
- High efficiency, electricity is used for music reproduction, not heating the room

In order to achieve these characteristics, we have chosen the nCore amplification technology from Hypex.

Arthur 3409/N2 can deliver up to
- 250 W in 4 Ω
- 150 W in 8 Ω (34 V RMS)
- 280 W in 2 Ω (9 A RMS)
34 Volts, 09 Amperes, "3409", coincidence?

Beautiful chassis, attractive finish

The full aluminum custom chassis is not only nice looking, it dissipates the heat of the amplification module. No screws are visible from front, top and sides. The front plate is machined in an aluminum block and spray painted with different colors that can be chosen while ordering. The top and sides cover is a single piece finished with a special paint, with a mate, suede-like texture providing a very qualitative look and feel.

Listen to the music, forget the electronics

Plug your audio source (with volume control), your speakers, the mains cable, switch on the mains, and forget your amplifier. The automatic on/off function detects the presence of sound at the input and automatically powers on the amplifier. After 10 minutes without sound at the input, the amplifier sets itself in standby, allowing an ultra low power consumption when not in use.

Fully featured

Arthur 3409/N2 is equipped with a clip detector. When the amplifier reaches the maximum of it's capabilities, the front LED will blink, indicating that you may have to lower the volume a bit to continue enjoying it's immaculate sound.

A full set of fault diagnostics allows to protect the amplifier and your speakers against abnormalities.

Designed and proudly built in Luxembourg

Arthur 3409/N2 was designed and is assembled at Schifflange, Luxembourg, at the heart of Europe.

Data sheet

Max power in 8 Ω
150 W
THD+N at 1 W
below 0.003 %
Typ. -71 dB
SNR at max power
Typ. 121 dB
Output noise
30 uV uwt
Frequency response
10 Hz - 50 kHz +0/-3 dB
25.5 dB typ.
Input sensitivity 4 Ohm
1.66 V RMS (6.61 dBu)
Standby consumption
below 0.5 W
Dimensions L x H x D
224 x 80 x 318 mm
Mains cable

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